Geeking Out – Super Sneak Peek!

Sometimes you just need some Spandex.

Luckily, Supers Unlimited from Kitbash Games is coming to Kickstarter to give a bit of Golden Age glory. It’s a range of really lovely super sculpts for any super game you fancy, with profiles for the wildly popular Pulp City and a whole range of characterful, quirky sculpts.

So have a read, have a look, and you’ll also get to find out who won our Gaslands contents AND our Transformers giveaway.

We’re so good to you lot, it’s just ridiculous!

Take a look at these fantastic sculpts. A set of 4 in a team will only set you back £24, or for early birds a mere £47 for fully 9 fabulous figs…

Individually, they’re still only £7 each, and whatever you go for will come in at £2-4 postage total.

You’ll no doubt have noticed some of the mysterious hidden figures also. Whilst we can’t reveal too much about Tox, Punchline and Arrow (oops #spoileralert), I can say that having laid my grubby little hands on Punchline, the casting quality is outstanding. We might just even have another exclusive for you, as I was lucky enough to get hold of, and start on, the ever-so-lovely Blue Scarab. The quality of the sculpt is outstanding, a proper golden age female without recourse to ridiculous cheesecake. But the villains are great too…

Punchline is likewise a great, evocative sculpt. And the resin casts are excellent – as part of Pulp City previously, Kitbash have a experience of producing high quality models and delivering on Kickstarters successfully. We even get a look at models further along the stretch (still WIP):

So make sure to hop onto Kickstarter (CLICK HERE) and see what goodies are available.


Right, so, prizes and that.

Well, first our Gaslands prize goes to… Ron Michaels Sr!

And, our Transformers TCG prize goes to… Joe Ward!

Congrats to our winners – get in touch for your goodies!

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