Review – The Incredible Bun #2 (Madius Comics)

Publisher: Madius Comics
Writer: Mike Sambrook
Artwork: Rosie Packwood
Lettering: Rob Jones

Bun is back, Toot, Toot!! I’ve been waiting for this issue for too long, my kids have been waiting for this issue for too long, and ahead of the fulfilment of Madius’ latest successful Kickstarter I’ve been lucky enough to grab a preview copy.

For those of you who haven’t read the first issue, Bun is a giant rabbit who doesn’t fit in at home and sets off for the big city, where he discovers that it isn’t quite the Nirvana he was hoping for. Most of the people he meets either treat him like a freak or want to profit from him, with the exception of the mysterious femme fatale Kat, and, of course, the even more mysterious narrator.

This issue sees Bun begin his training for the next big fight against the undefeated Fox known as Vex. This is a fight that he can’t reasonably be expected to win, but Biggman is going to pull out all the stops to get him fighting fit. Unfortunately for Bun, Biggman is no Mickey Goldmill! There’s also a lot of teasing by the narrator of things to come, of shadowy ninjas, unexpected unmaskings, and a lot of surprises!

It’s no great secret that I’ve been a fan of the Madius team for a while now. Mike Sambrook is a very talented writer who has covered everything from all-ages comics to chilling horror and everything in between. The story that Sambrook is weaving for us in this series is fun, so much fun, and it’s sad and it’s intriguing and damn it, it was over too quickly again. I love this series. There’s something effortlessly charming about it that just keeps you turning page after page, and while it’s a blast reading it I really need Sambrook and co. to write more, and quickly!

Rosie Packwood has a great style that really appeals to the younger audience, but which also has some subtly dark edges for the more mature reader. It’s clear that this is very much a labour of love for Packwood as well as something she’s having an immense amount of fun creating! There’s a wonderful naïve innocence in our big fluffy hero that makes the world around him seem so much more predatory and, oddly, more appealing to my kids.

This is very much an all-ages comic, my three year old loves having it read to him, my seven year old loves reading it and I love reading it myself. What grabs kids first and foremost is the artwork and given that my seven year old cut his teeth on Bernie Wrightson, Mike Mignola and Kelley Jones, it’s a real testament to Packwood’s talent and passion that this is a story he keeps going back to.

If you’re a regular reader of Madius titles you’ll have seen Rob Jones’ name pop up all over the place. Jones is a very talented writer who also happens to be a top notch letterer. Letterers generally get forgotten in reviews; it’s easy to overlook the effort that goes into selecting the right style to fit the tone of the narrative and the artwork. Thankfully Jones has plenty of experience working with Sambrook and Packwood, and his work on Bun really helps to pull everything together.

You need to read Bun, your kids need to read Bun and you need to send messages to Packwood, Sambrook and Jones every day until they confirm the third issue!

Rating: 4/5 toots!

ceejThe writer of this piece was: Craig Neilson-Adams (aka Ceej)
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