Graven’s Geeky Gift Guide Part 2 – Transformers TCG: Blaster vs Soundwave Set

Day 2, and we’re about proper nostalgia. It’s the ‘80s goodness that is… Transformers!

Hasbro: Transformers TCG Blaster vs Soundwave Set

BEST FOR: Card gamers, nostalgia fans
RRP: £39.99 (Available HERE)

As we mentioned HERE, Hasbro’s Transformers Trading Card Game is going from strength to strength, and with the new Blaster vs Soundwave set they’ve really raised the bar: a totally accessible 2-player set that combines (haha) into a competitive deck straight out the box – it’s no wonder that Tape Decks TM are already breaking into the top tier.

Tapping into nostalgia is perfect for the season – many of us remember that mid-80s Xmas high of unwrapping some glorious piece of legendary G1 goodness – and with a game that’s totally accessible for players of any level and experience, this is a sure-fire winner. And thanks to the fine folk at Hasbro, we’ve one to give away! And not just the regular one, oh no: the limited edition, exclusive, no longer available 35th Anniversary version, in all its G1 glory!

For the existing player, there’s a load of stuff here. They’ll have no doubt ploughed through the interweb chatter, and debated the pros and cons. I’ll make it really easy for you though: if they don’t have it, get them it. And for a newcomer, a dabbler, or just a bit of a bot beatdown, it’s the best intro set they’ve done. Proper printed mini-rules, along with the customary tokens, just what’s needed (though, a caveat, mine did stick a bit to one of the cards) Its two full decks – 40 cards each, not two half-decks that combine (ha ha) to become a full one – giving variation and flexibility. The two sides are comparable – we’ve played and won games with both – and solid, holding up against the other preconstructs (Metroplex, Devastator) and can be fine-tuned easily to go right to the top, competitive level.

With Siege II just around the corner as well, this is the perfect way to get into the game, or as part of a big bundle for the nerd in your life. If I’m being honest, this might be my top all-round pic for a geeky gift this Xmas (really should’ve saved it till last…) It ticks all the boxes, totally self-contained, a bit retro, and a whole lot of fun.

Stay tuned to find out how you can win yourself a copy on the last day of our Xmas spectacular! And a reminder that you can also get your copy from our friends at Element Games (CLICK HERE), using code SAM4132 to earn DOUBLE store credit too!

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