Graven’s Geeky Gift Guide Part 4 – Knight Models: DCU 2.0

Knight Models: DCU 2.0

BEST FOR: Super gamers, comic fanboys/fangirls/fanothers
RRP: £40 (core rules) £15-55 (figures and box sets) (available HERE)

KM’s DC game has for a while, in some ways, flown a bit under the radar. Without a printed core rulebook, it’s often been seen as an add-on to BMG – but all this has changed with the arrival of DCU 2.0, a weighty hardback tome with new graphics and tighter rules.

Now I’ll shamelessly admit to being a huge fan of this ruleset, as it’s fast and accessible, with clear cards and ridiculously entertaining gameplay: who doesn’t want Supergirl to tear up the street and throw it at Lobo, after all? With DCU 2.0, we’re also seeing some repackaged releases and some new stuff also. The first wave of releases has focused on the Death of Superman, with Eradicator a particular favourite of mine (he’s utterly terrifying in game, and rather charmingly will play for heroes or villains – quite right).

Pre order copies – and so many retailer copies – come with Black Suit Superman, whilst direct order copies come with a classic, 70s Lex Luthor (and Legion of Doom book cover).

There’s also a new display piece version of Superman (to match the 80th Batman and Half-Blood Prince version of Dumbledore), impressively bursting from the globe of the Daily Planet, and very well-priced Cyborg Superman & Mongol set.

I’m slightly less sold on the new repacks for LexCorp, Apokolips and Justice League Villains, where each set includes only one or two new figures (Metallo, Big Barda, and Cheetah / Rebirth Joker): whilst they’re undoubtedly a good deal for new players, this will rankle some older players, especially where LexCorp and Apokolips only relatively recently had a bundle repack in the switch to resin. The repack of the excellent Crime Syndicate however is a great but, and a great way into the game.

The game system itself is largely the same, just with a much cleaner, clearer rulebook (or indeed, A rulebook). It’s a lovely thing, very high spec with lots of classic art and new pics, with fully half given over to a decent run down of the DCU. My eldest loved this about it, as it’s a good potted history of where things are with most of the major characters.

That’s not to say it’s lacking in game content, far from it: fully 17 scenarios, a mix of a classic and new, with several designed for specific key events (Death of Superman, for instance). There’s a great hero Vs hero training day scenario, also, but chasing boom tubes and motherboxes, artifacts and ne’er-do-wells are all there too.

Where DCU really succeeds, apart from just being a lot tighter, is it’s just a whole lot of fun. If anyone has any DC supers lying about, it’s an easy, accessible game. I have even seen folk teach smaller kids this with action figures in the first instance (ah, gateway drugs) and the rules cards downloaded from the KM site. For a couple of hours of unashamed DC enjoyment, hard to beat.

(In case you’re wondering, I’ll be taking a look at other super games including Crisis Protocol, the new Marvel Game from Atomic Mass, soon. I know there will be some of you wondering!)

Don’t forget, we’ve got our big Xmas giveaway coming up too – keep checking us out, and stay on target!

And a reminder that you can get your copy of the rules and miniatures from our friends Element Games, for at least 10% off RRP, using code SAM4132 to earn DOUBLE store credit too.

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1 Comment on Graven’s Geeky Gift Guide Part 4 – Knight Models: DCU 2.0

  1. Simon Boddie // October 27, 2019 at 2:46 pm // Reply

    I have recently gotten back into the BMG and have been looking at the DCUMG. I really like the models and the rule system for BMG is fun and captures the feel of the universe.

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