Graven’s Geeky Gift Guide Part 6 – Maelstrom’s Edge Terrain Sprue

Maelstrom’s Edge Terrain Sprue

BEST FOR: Hobbying on the cheap
RRP: £15 (2 sprues)

One of my wife’s least favourite phrases is when I say, “Oh that’s an interesting bit of plastic” as we walk down the street, as she knows it means I’m going to pick up some scabby lump of crud to attach to a cardboard box (at least I don’t steal bits of plastic shrubbery for my scale scenics, like some poeple…) I am at heart a cheapskate, and I do love taking a cardboard box and turning into something interesting for a gaming table – it’s probably why I love Gaslands too, for that matter.

Maelstrom’s Edge is a game that many folk are not that familiar with – it’s a community-driven sci-fi skirmish game, and rather neat – but the really exciting thing is the terrain for it. Because, as a game, it’s grown out of the hobby community’s dissatisfaction with other games and resources, they’ve spied a niche for high-quality, generic components. Let’s take a look at the sprues:

Terrain Set 1 (CLICK HERE):

Terrain Set 2 (CLICK HERE):

Each set of 2 sprues can be used to customise existing terrain or, more realistically, all sorts of odds and ends of cardboard and plastic. It can be hard to imagine that, so…

I freely admit that MEdge is very close to my heart. Supporting small retailers and community projects is one the joys of the hobby, but even if this were not the case I can’t recommend these bits enough. It’s a fantastic, cheap, thoughtful gift for the hobbyist in your life – plus hey, you’re helping save the planet.

And if that’s not enough, we’ve got a set of Terrain Sprue 2 for our giveaway – come back tomorrow to find out how to win!

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