Hickman & Dragotta’s EAST OF WEST to Conclude With 45th Issue This December

This December, Jonathan Hickman and Nick Dragotta’s science fiction Western EAST OF WEST will draw to a show-stopping close with the 45th issue of the Image Comics series.

The series, first launched back in March 2013, explores a dystopian America, divided into seven nations, wherein the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse are cast as heroes.

“In this business, it isn’t often that you get to end a project exactly the way you want to, and I think that’s what makes this one so special,” said Hickman. “We started East of West with a story we wanted to tell and we’ve had the incredible honor of having a bunch of fans make that story a reality. So, enjoy it. God knows we have.”

Dragotta continued, adding “It all goes down in East of West #45, an extra-length, action-packed issue that has been one of my favourites to draw. Creatively with Jonathan, Frank, and Rus, East of West has been an incredible ride, and none of it would have been possible without you—the readers—and Image Comics. We did it, 45 issues… thank you and enjoy the end times.”

East of West #45 will be available at comic book shops and digitally on Wednesday, December 25.

The East of West series will be collected into ten trade paperbacks and three deluxe hardcover editions. East of West, Vol. 1-9 trade paperbacks are available now and East of West: Year One and East of West: Year Two deluxe hardcovers are available now.

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