Review – Olympia #1 (Image Comics)

Publisher: Image Comics
Story: Curt Pires, Tony Pires
Artwork: Alex Diotto,
Colours: Dee Cunniffe
Lettering: Micah Myers
Release Date: 20th November 2019

Elon spends a lot of time alone with his comics, a latchkey kid escaping reality in the fantasy worlds of gods and monsters. When the hero of his favourite comic crashes (literally) into his world with the ominous words “they’re coming”, he jumps at the chance to nurse him back to health. What Elon doesn’t know is that something else has entered his world, something dark and evil.

This is quite an intriguing first issue, a story breaking the fourth wall within itself, and somewhat reminiscent of the early exploits of the MCU depiction of Thor’s arrival on Earth. Elon is quite a tragic kid who garners sympathy and concern early on. After the death of his father, Elon’s mum is doing her best, but works all hours to provide for them, leaving Elon to fend for himself in a world he’s not socially equipped to deal with. At school he’s a outcast and a misfit, and seems to have no friends he can turn to, hence his escape into the world of comics. The Olympian however, is not a particularly sympathetic character, and whilst his initial introduction is that of the likeable, bombastic, hale-and-hearty Asgardian style of God, there is a colder side to him that shows little of the humanity of the former.

The artwork in this book is a bit hit and miss but overall works in conveying the world that Curt and Tony Pires are building for us. The definite style change between the comic world and the *real* world works really well, managing to make the comic world of the Olympians look more like a comic than the comic you’re reading. Now, while I’m not a huge fan of the artwork in this issue – it’s just a bit too rough in places for me – it does a nice job of conveying the emotions of the characters and setting the tone of Pires’ story. What lifts the artwork for me is Dee Cunniffe’s colouring, which always brings something extra to a comic and, where I’d normally expect it to complement the artwork, in this case I think it covers some of the rough edges and helps you to really get into the story

I like what Curt and Tony Pires are creating here. It’s a story that has the potential to take us in a lot of very cool directions, very much in the vein of the ‘kid-hero’ fantasy adventure movies of the ’80s and the upcoming issues should be well worth keeping an eye on. If the artwork were slightly better I’d give this a higher score, but for me, I’d like to see it come up to the level of the story.

Rating: 3/5.


The writer of this piece was: Mark Scott
Mark Tweets from @macoy_comicgeek ‏

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