Review – Lady Hollywood #2 (Cult Empire Comics)

Publisher: Cult Empire Comics
Writer: George Lennox
Artwork/Lettering: Russel Mark Olson
Funding on Kickstarter until Saturday December 28th (CLICK HERE)

When I was recently asked to list my three favourite movies, I said “Blade Runner: The Final Cut, Blade Runner: The Director’s Cut, and Blade Runner.” Whilst not entirely true – Brick, Casablanca, Kiss Me Deadly, and Muppets Christmas Carol are clearly up there – I do like a meaty slice of Neo-noir. I’m also a big fan of the likes of Brubaker and Miller with their varied takes on noir in comic form – so when presented with Lady Hollywood #1, a contemporary, twisted noir which slips between your ribs effortlessly with Dick Tracy stylings and convincing dialogue, I was instantly sold. So it’s great to see Cult Empire Comics back with issue #2 on Kickstarter, with only 4 days to go and already fully funded at that!

You should definitely take a gander at this twisty tale of Katie, a professional Honey-trapper finding out about her family and her past. In fairness, I was slightly wary at the end of last issue – it felt a little at risk of turning into ‘Wanted’ (which was fine in and of itself, but would have felt out of place here). Luckily, I needn’t have worried.

This is compelling stuff. It’s gritty and the story drives forwards with real momentum. It’s helped by some excellent framing – there’s a fantastic sequence with a gun dealer, jaunty and jagged – and strong colouring that, by focusing on a limited palette, draws you in and pulls you along by the teeth. As the mystery deepens, we start to find out more about the truth behind Katie and her parents, in this twisted tale that you’ll want to dive into.

Here’s a bit more from the KS synopsis:

The Story so far…

Set in modern-day LA, private detective, Kate Holloway, runs a Hollywood Detective Agency with her business partner, tough Vietnam veteran, Randy Whalen Jr. and is mixed up in the honey trap side of the business Whalen is introduced to a big pay day – only it comes with a lot of heat. ‘Big time pictures’ movie producer, Max Schlesinger, has a wife who has had enough of his seedy little life and is now looking for her own pay day. Mrs. Schlesinger seeks the help of Kate and Whalen to provide evidence she needs to unlock a prenup money box which contains a few million dollars. Unknown to Kate and Whalen, Max has already got himself into some major gambling debts with Las Vegas’ notorious Mob Boss, Sonny G. Although, everything is not what it seems – a mysterious new player has came into LA. He has his own agenda and his own sinister intentions marked out for Kate, specifically.

So let’s help them bust through those stretch goals this Xmas: get a slice of Hollywood pie on your pile!

Rating: 5/5.


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