Review – Herd #1 (Floating Rock Comics)

Publisher: Floating Rock Comics
Writer: Geoff Richards
Artist: Peter Habjan
Colours: John Charles
Lettering: Rob Jones

In a time where Homo-Vampyrus were the dominant species on the planet, bloodlust and over-farming of the lesser hominids – bringing homo-sapiens almost to extinction in the process – has led to starvation and disease among the vampyrus. Saving their species may mean taking measures that most will rebel against, but they must also face a group of sapiens who refuse to be part of the herd and will become a tribe to be reckoned with.

So where do we start with this story? Think Planet of The Apes, but with Vampires. Okay, so this isn’t quite the same. In this story mankind hasn’t relegated itself to an evolutionary dead end through its own warlike tendencies; in this story we’re approaching things from the other side, the dominant species being the vampires, and homo-sapiens representing the rise of the Apes, or perhaps even the rise of the humans at the decline of the Apes dominance. There is also something of Brian Lumley’s Vampire World Series (continuation of the Necroscope series), where vampires known as the Whampyri rule over a charnel house world where tribe of gypsies are hunted for food and as slaves.

With apologies to most of the creative team, I’m not familiar with their previous work, except of course Rob Jones who is a regular favourite of mine on lettering duties. The artwork and colouring throughout this issue is pretty good, and again with apologies to the creative team, much better than I was expecting, being reminiscent of for example, some of the recent Conan & Red Sonja titles with some really high quality detail in both the characters and the environments they inhabit.

The only thing I’m not sure of is whether this would have been better presented as an OGN rather than a serialised publication. There are a lot of fantasy adventure titles out there at the moment, and while I enjoyed this first issue, I felt that I needed to move on to the next issue to keep the flow of the story going and to make it stand out in the sea of other titles. There is the risk that this will become forgotten if the second issue doesn’t arrive quickly and that would be a shame as there is a good story here and I’d like to see how it develops over the coming issues.


HERD #1 is available now from the Floating Rock Comics Online Store (CLICK HERE).

The writer of this piece was: Mark Scott
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