It’s Time to Kickstart “Killing Moon”

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In the world of comics, there’s just so much good stuff out there that people just don’t know about. To help remedy that just a little, today I’m taking a lookg at Killing Moon by Neil ‘Bhuna’ Roche, following on from the work of his elder brother Mark ‘PigDog’ Roche.

I’m already familiar with Neil’s work having met him many times representing Pigdog Press at local comic cons. I’ve also amassed many commission pieces along the way, so needless to say I’m not only a happy customer but an invested fan. Neil always impresses con-goers with his natural warmth and pride in his work, so I’m excited to share his latest project with you.

Neil leaving his Killing Moon mark on our local comic book store. Thanks for the photo.

Killing Moon grants us a hostile welcome to the dark fantasy adventure. A world where beasts rise and violence is always the answer. Answering the call to justice with swift execution – as long as the price is right – we have the Killing Moon. The Killing Moon are an elite clan who claim lives with a stunning blend of finesse and brutal decapitations. If you enjoyed the Roy Thomas Conan the Barbarian comics in the ‘70s/’80s or the Steven Jackson & Ian Livingston  Fighting Fantasy gamebooks, then I can’t see why you wouldn’t want to check this one out.

This 116-page book collection collects Killing Moon issues 1-4 and also includes a brand-new strip, “The Prequel That Comes At The End” along with the original version of Killing Moon which last saw print way back in 1985, and a beautiful array of bonus rewards and content.

Neil is not alone in this Kickstarter outing. Together with Chris Denton (Massacre for Boys, Judge Dredd Magazine, Zenith/Invasion), Darren Stephens (2000 ad, Sonic the Hedgehog, FutureQuake, Phoenix Comics) and Bolt-01 (FutureQuake, Something Wicked, Zarjaz, Dogbreath), they combine to bring Killing Moon to life. Fan favourites Neil McClements (Aces Weekly) and Chris Askham (Switchblade) also lend their talents the graphic novel’s bonus content with their artistic contributions.

Encouragingly, at the time of writing, Killing Moon has reached not only its goal, smashing target in no time, but has also succeeded in unlocking a series of stretch goals, with the fourth goal – a stunning A4 print on quality 300gsm stock by none other than the legendary 2000ad artist Patrick Goddard – being the latest to be added to the graphic novel purchase tier.

This is an absolute steal and a great opportunity to support British comic creators.

The writer of this piece was: Mike
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