Mirka Andolfo Signs Twelve Cover Deal With BOOM! Studios

BOOM! Studios have announced that BCP favourite Mirka Andolfo (Unnatural, Mercy) has signed a massive deal to produce twelve covers for the award-winning publisher through 2021.

Mirka’s work can initially be seen on the likes of Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Willow #1 (on sale today), as well as variants for issues #2 to 5 of the series.

“It’s cool that the first American publishing house which asked me to do a cover was BOOM! Studios, when I was working as a colorist, ages ago,” said Mirka Andolfo. “And after years I’m happy and proud to be back on covers for the same publisher. I find the same enthusiasm and quality there was at that time, and books which are even better! I’m thrilled to work on covers for all these amazing series, especially the ones in the Buffyverse…”

“Mirka has distinguished herself as one of the most popular writers and artists in comics today. We’ve had the pleasure of working with Mirka for years and are thrilled to have her delivering so many incredible covers for our titles,” added Matt Gagnon, Editor in Chief, BOOM! Studios. “You’re seeing her awesome vision of the Buffyverse today with Willow #1 and we’re excited for you to see what she has planned for our top series over the next year.”

Andolfo is an Italian creator and the art director at Arancia Studio. She is the creator of the books Mercy (Image Comics), Unnatural (Image Comics) and Un/Sacred (Ablaze Publishing), published in fifteen countries, best-sellers receiving great acclaim from audiences and critics. She is the first Italian creator working both on text and artwork at DC Comics, and works as interiors and cover artist with many publishers in the United States and Europe, like DC, Marvel, Glénat, and others.

The writer of this piece was: Craig Neilson-Adams (aka Ceej)
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