“Legends of Grayskull” Masters of the Universe Roleplaying Game Announced at Power-Con 2020

One of the most exciting things to come out of this weekend’s Power Con was the announcement of a brand-new “Legends of Grayskull” He-Man tabletop RPG.

Currently being developed by Fandom Tabletop using the Cortex Prime system, the new game was announced during an online panel hosted by Tabletop VP Adam Bradford and featuring Cortex Creative Director Cam Banks.  They outlined the system, which will allow players to create their own Master of the Universe (or, indeed, to re-create one of the existing heroes or villains) and tailor their system to whichever He-Man era they preferred.

It all sounded fairly promising in theory, with plenty of positive feedback from the viewers in attendance, but as with all roleplaying games, the proof is in the playing.

Enter voice actors Phil LaMarr and Tiffany Smith (both of whom will be starring in the upcoming “Masters of the Universe: Revelation” Netflix series), alongside the one and only Felicia Day, who hopped into a quick scenario alongside Adam, with Cam playing the role of “Narrator” (GM/DM) as the quartet tried to save Zodac from the clutches of Skeletor.

With an “explain the system on the move” approach, the blend of heroism and humour made for a great little session, with all four players really leaning into their characters to emphasise the fun. Day’s character “Fistina”, a hard-charging, hygiene-averse brawler was a genuine highlight.


The whole thing flowed smoothly throughout, accentuating the accessibility and flexibility of the system, with the positive feedback and whoops of encouragement from the viewers only growing as the quartet tried to out-manoeuvre the skull-faced evildoer.  Eventually time became a bit of a constraint, so Skeletor was rapidly forced into retreat with Adam and Cam sticking around to answer some questions from the attendees.

While a hard release date hasn’t been confirmed yet, Legends of Grayskull – which will come with a core book, a digital companion (which, if it’s anything like the system used in the demo, looks amazingly intuitive) and toolset, along with a community content creation and sharing platform – is set to launch sometime in 2021.

In the meantime, fans should visit to sign up for updates and details of the upcoming public playtesting period.

The writer of this piece was: Craig Neilson-Adams (aka Ceej)
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