Kickstart Your Weekend with Killtopia and Supers Unlimited

As the dark nights draw in, it’s important to have something to look forward to. And in these testing times, we’re all about supporting local talent and real-life heroes.

As such, we’ve got a couple of cracking Kickstarters from local creatives to recommend to you, one comic, and one super gaming.

Let’s start with the “Teamstarter” for Aegis, a classic, Golden Age super team from the great team at Kitbash Miniatures (CLICK HERE).

With a track record of successful Kickstarters and beautiful figs, and a KS that’s only running till the 4th October, get yourself some shiny supers! Perfect for model agnostic systems, particularly the fantastic Supers Mission Force from Scott Pyle, which you also get rule cards for here, or established systems like Pulp City, along with scenario Stretch Goals. Having a whole lot of the first wave – because they’re just plain gorgeous – we highly recommend these lovely shiny supers!

At time of writing the KS is already approaching double its original target – now there’s a ringing endorsement for you.

Now, how about the return of our favourite ultraviolent cyberphilic NeoTokyo Scottish comic, Killtopia? (CLICK HERE)

Here’s what the demented maniac that is creator Dave Cook had to say:

“It’s the third of five books, 55 pages. Definitely the darkest of the series – our Empire Strikes Back if you will. Where a lot of bad and nasty stuff happens. You’ll get to see what the virtual internet of Neo Tokyo looks like, see one of the city’s ninja gangs laying waste to bad guys in violent fashion and more.

There’s also a lot in there about Crash trying to realise his true purpose, a disgraced Stiletto feels the burnout of cancel culture and toxic fandom as she starts to lose her popularity, and Shinji does what he can to cure Omi of the Rot, with Crash’s help.”

Stretch goals?

“Well, the Goal is £7k, we have a Darick Robertson variant cover, prints from Sebastian Piriz, Shaky Kane, Iain Laurie and more.

We’re also bringing back previous guest prints as rewards from Frank Quitely, Caspar Wijngaard, Tula Lotay, and Tom Foster – as well as Kaiju Cola bottle openers and beermats and four tshirt designs; the top tiers are a 3D printed Crash head and original page art from Clark Bint.”

Tell you what folks, it’s a great way to kickstart your October when it launches on October 2nd – so get backing!

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SAMDAVThe Writer of this piece was: Sam Graven
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