First Look At DC’s Middle Grade “Johnny Constantine” Graphic Novel

DC have dropped an early preview and cover artwork for “The Mystery Of The Meanest Teacher: A Johnny Constantine Graphic Novel” from the award-winning duo of Ryan North and Derek Charm.

Released as part of their middle grade graphic novel series, the book is aimed at readers aged 9 to 12 and designed to introduce a new generation of fans to some of DC’s most iconic Super Heroes in an accessible, continuity-free way.

The book, which features lettering by Wes Abbot, goes on sale in bookstores everywhere on June 1st 2021, and you can read the official synopsis – and feast your eyes on some interior artwork – below.

After angering a number of hostile spirits in England, 13-year-old magician Johnny Constantine has to find a way out of the country. Persuading his parents to send him to America, John arrives at the Junior Success Boarding School in Salem, Massachusetts. But once there,he finds himself to be something of an outcast. And he is also convinced that his homeroom teacher really has it in for him. Worse, he’s convinced that’s she’s really a witch.

Fortunately, John is able to find one kindred spirit at school with whom he’s able to form an alliance–another misfit named Anna, who also happens to have her own developing magical powers. John recruits Anna in his efforts to uncover the truth about Ms. Kayla and expose the Meanest Teacher’s real identity to the world.¬†Joined by a friendly demon named Etrigan, these two amateur sleuths will uncover clues and stumble upon forces beyond their control in a humorous series of misadventures.


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