Spooktober Spotlight – Tyrants from the Tor! – Truly Terrifying Fantasy Miniatures

Hot on the heels of the Kickstarter success of The Dreamstone RPG, Oakbound Studio has a brand new campaign just in time for the culmination of spooky season. This small, but impressively imposing band of spriggans will be up for grabs as part of a short campaign. So lets take a peek at something slightly different for our final Spooktober Spotlight with these fantasy figures.

Whilst primarily intended as new miniatures for the dark folkloric setting of The Woods, these creatures will be eminently suitable for a plethora of wargames. For those who enjoy a bit of tactical roleplaying with maps and minis like I do then these will also make for some interesting encounters.

So what are we pledging for?

With more than a touch of traditional British satire, these rocky ogres stomp their way from a dark lair under Westbeacon Tor to wreak havoc on the countryside of Talamhlar. The leader of this brutish mob, a somewhat blundering creature, was once actually a comical figure in spriggan society. Seen as a bit of a humorous, if not always pleasant, individual they have become the leader of a dastardly band. Perhaps this Pebble Joinstone would have been less dangerous if it weren’t for the aid of their trusted advisor and powerful fateweaver, or Mealladh. These rare spriggan are capable of prying secrets from unwary minds and possess subtle and tricksy methods of manipulation. It is for this reason that the Mealladh Dolmenic has earned the sobriquet ‘Cunnings’.

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Rounding out this despicable troupe is the smaller Gritti Gravel, so named for their rasping, painful voice, and the lank figure of Rift Cragg. Based on his archaic dialect and the stylings of his old stone, many spriggans believe he is of far older, historical stock.

This particular group from the Tor, or Tories, are a bit of whimsy and some characterful individuals with a certain old school appeal that Oakbound Studio does so well. Any political digs aside, fans of The Woods will no doubt want to pick these up. I think my standout favourite has to be Dolmenic the Cunnings. The pose and features deliver on the idea of a subtle manipulator amongst a more direct bunch. As something quite distinct from traditional ogres and trolls on the market, wargamers and DMs alike maybe fancy some new dark age bogeymen!

CLICK HERE to check out the Kickstarter Campagin before it ends on Sunday the 8th of November 2020.

The writer of this piece was: Adam Brown
Adam Tweets from @brother_rooster

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