X-Men Legends #1 Unravels The Mystery of the Third Summers Brother

Set to launch this coming February, X-MEN LEGENDS is a brand new Marvel Comics series which will see legendary X-writers penning brand new in-continuity stories set during their iconic runs.

And up first, Fabian Nicieza will be joined by artist Brett Booth as they solve one of the greatest X-Men mysteries of all time: Adam-X and his connection to the Summers bloodline.

Speaking about the news, Nicieza said “It’s incredibly exciting to finally tell the story of the infamous “third” Summers brother. Twenty-five years in the making, to see the truth about Adam-X revealed – and drawn so magnificently by Brett Booth – is one of the most surreal experiences of my career! Getting the opportunity to tell this tale while kicking off the new X-Men Legends series is a x-tremely x-citing!”

Future issues of the series will feature stories from the likes of Louise Simonson, Larry Hama, Peter David, and the mighty Chris Claremont himself as they tie up loose ends, resolve long-standing plot threads, and reveal shocking truths that promise to change the past and future of the X-Men.

ceejThe writer of this piece was: Craig Neilson-Adams (aka Ceej)
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