Exclusive Page Reveal For Titan’s The Philosphy of Spider-Man

Tomorrow sees the release of The Philosophy of Spider-Man from Titan Comics, a 128 page hardcover tome packed with advice, wisdom and iconic moments from your friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man

And to help celebrate its release, we’re hopping onto Titan’s #12DaysofSpiderMan with an unprecedented thirteenth day as we provide an EXCLUSIVE sneak peek at a page from the book!

For a little context, the book is split into eleven chapters, each taking a look at a different aspect of Spider-Man, from his powers to his relationships to some of his most memorably team-ups.  Our exclusive page is from chapter three: “Spider (Fashion) Sense”, which – as you might have guessed – takes a look at some of Spidey’s coolest, weirdest and most embarrassing outfits over the years.

Honestly, with Christmas coming up this is an easy recommendation of you have a younger Spidey-fan in your life.  Granted, it’s essentially just a collection of memorable covers, pages and panels with some funny captions and “pro-tips” along the way, but it does a great job of capturing the humour, excitement and striking visuals of Spider-Man in an easily accessible way.

Our personal favourite section is chapter eight: “Ten Crazy Spider-Fights”, which features some fantastic panels with Spidey going toe-to-toe with some of his most iconic enemies, from familiar foes like Green Goblin and Venom to lesser-known skirmishes with the likes of Wolverine and the Incredible Hulk himself!

The book is on sale tomorrow in the US from anywhere books are sold (ISBN: 9781787735361), but should be set for a UK release later in December, and you can pre-order it from Amazon HERE.

In the meantime, if our exclusive page above isn’t enough to whet your whistle, you can feast your eyes on some more interior artwork below.


The writer of this piece was: Craig Neilson-Adams (aka Ceej)
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