Future State: Swamp Thing #1 Unveils the Dark Fate of the DC Universe [PREVIEW]

This January, as part of the two-month “DC Future State” extravaganza, writer Ram V, artist Mike Perkins, colourist June Chung and letterer Aditya Bidikar are getting set to take us into the bleak future of the DC Universe in FUTURE STATE: SWAMP THING.

The first issue of this two-part release hits shelves on January 5th, and you can check out the official blurb below:

From the ashes of a terrible war, life blooms anew in Swamp Thing’s image. The remnants of humanity lie in hiding, forever in the shadow of the green god who now rules the planet. When the new avatar of the Green uncovers a stray human, a rebellion is revealed! But this Swamp Thing is no stranger to violent ends, and neither are his creations. If it’s war humanity wants, it will be at their doorstep—and Swamp Thing will never be the same!

We’re massive Swamp Thing fans here at the Big Comic Page, so any excuse for ol’ Swampy to feature in comics is always a good thing, particularly when Ram and Perkins are involved.

While you’re waiting for this one to be released, you can feast your eyes on some unlettered preview artwork below, and find out some more information on DC’s Future State over at


The writer of this piece was: Craig Neilson-Adams (aka Ceej)
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