Geeking Out – Super Festive Fun-Time

With Xmas nearly upon us, and 2020 being what it is, it’s definitely time to treat yourself. Now, of course, we’ve got the results of our fantastic Mandalorian Giveaway below – but we’ll get to that in a minute, because first we have even more geeky gaming goodness to make you aware of.

First up, a Kickstarter for your attention from MedFan Games (CLICK HERE).

Pulp Heroes is a fully 3-D printable Superhero game (with the option to purchase printed). Lovely figs and, perhaps even more excitingly, a huge range of buildings, scenery and tokens as well.

Already fully funded, we’ve been lucky enough to play about with some test prints and they’re looking good even on a low-budget printer. You’ve got till the end of the month to get behind this, and whether or not it’s your sort of game, it’s a great chance to have a wide range of super stuff and city streets at the click of a button.

But of course, some of us don’t have 3-D printers Helpfully, there’s plenty of excellent MDF scenery out there to be had. Now long ago we reviewed some of the cracking stuff that TT Combat put out, and our chums at Top-Hatted Hamster have put together a mighty find bundle deal for you.

They’ve got the excellent White Box bundles reduced from £80 to £60, but not only that, they have TT COMBAT DEAL DISCOUNT CODES! (ahem)

  • Buy 2 white boxes get 10% off – Whitebox2020
  • Buy 5 TT Combat items get 1 free – TTLovers
  • Carnevale now added – use CARNEVALE discount code to get 10% off (deal until 18/12/2020)
  • Rumbleslam now added – use RUMBLESLAM discount code to get 10% off (deal until 18/12/2020)


My, they’re awfully good to you, those hamsters are. And if that’s not enough, you can spin the lucky hamster wheel on the site for a discount code surprise as well!

Next up, Armada. Yes, we’ve already talked about it, and it’s been flying (sailing?) off the shelves – well, now we’ve got it in hand, we can absolutely confirm that it lives up to the hype.

Really exceptional casting quality (gone are the days of bendy plastic and brutal mold lines), and a huge amount of value in the box, with a set of game mechanics that are tried and tested – if you like tiny boats, or just a devilishly clever tactical game, this is the one for you. A full review coming over the festive period, but hey, no harm in asking Santa for a sailboat

And finally, an RPG treat for the whole family, Dungeons on a Dime, from our fantastic chums at BHP Comics (CLICK HERE).

This takes a lot of familiar core elements and strips it down to an affordable, accessible ruleset that doesn’t intrude on either good storytelling or exciting adventures. Often, cumbersome rulebooks can get in the way of simply having fun – and yes, whilst there is a certain pleasure in flicking through page upon page of spells, items and traps, it’s good to have something clear and streamlined that’s accessible to all.

This system agnostic adventure has a wealth of info (my favourite is the invaluable exchange rates between Gold Coins and £, a great resource for any gamer). My kids and I are really looking to playing through over Xmas, but it would be just as good for a group of veteran gamers – it can be as rules light or heavy as you see fit, and would work particularly well in these times of virtual tabletop via Discord, Zoom or scrying pool.


Ok, ok, it’s time to announce our Mandalorian competition winners, with massize thanks again to our friends at #HasbroUK!

First Prize of a poseable Baby Yoda/The Child/Grog:

Catriona (via WordPress)

Runner-up prizes of a mini Bounty Edition Child:

Greg Tythe (via Facebook)

Simon Quinton (via Facebook)

slj_08 (via Instagram)

Well done to all of our prize winners, get in touch with for your cute little festive friend!

And remember, when using WordPress (i.e. answering on the page) please leave a surname!

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  1. Awesome. Well done everyone!!!!

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