Geeking Out – Monsters of the Wilderness Kickstarter from Cawood Publishing

You might remember back during our Halloween spotlights that we looked at fancy DnD 5e monster supplement Monsters of the Feyland from Cawood Publising.  Well, if you were partial to the artwork and layout, or found inspiration in the descriptions, then you’ll definitely need to be aware of their new Kickstarter campaign, “Monsters of the Wilderness” (CLICK HERE TO BE NOTIFIED OF LAUNCH).

Tying directly into Cawood’s World of Myrr, this promises to be the biggest, baddest collections of monsters from the team to date. With planned stretch goals to push this to over one hundred and twenty monsters spread over a whopping one hundred and sixty pages(!), it’ll be a veritable cornucopia of beasties.

For the uninitiated, Myrr is a fantastical mirror of our own world. A once peaceful realm, the lands are on the brink of political and natural upheaval. Whilst those setting their games here will want some fluff and encounter fodder, for everyone else, there’s plenty of useful material to plunder. I’ve lamented on a number of occasions that 5e isn’t really my jam anymore as my tastes in what I want from games has changed over the years. That said, I grew up with ADnD 2e and the Cawood Monster series were enough to draw me back in on looks alone. If a monster supplement can get you pondering trying to get a group together to play a game, the creative team must be doing something right.

So what exactly is in this new book and why should we care?

A powerful wizard, by the name of Oswald, has unleashed a dreadful curse. The resulting powerful magics are disrupting and warping the creatures and monsters of the wilderness areas. Having been booted off the Wizard Council for his actions, seven unique characterful members of this council are dealing with the fallout; one for each of the seven key regions. With more detail on these regions, as well as the characters and monsters therein, we’ve got the promise of a book brimming with ideas. I’ve been promised that the monsters will be bigger and badder than before so maybe if you’ve got a high level party looking for more interesting threats, this could be just the ticket. Of course, you might just be the kind of GM that likes to inflict high danger on their players!

With the campaign due to launch soon, I for one will be keeping an eye and looking to see what other fearsome treats are in store. What about you? Have you taken a trip to Myrr or maybe you’ve encountered one of their monsters and lived to tell the tale?

The writer of this piece was: Adam Brown
Adam Tweets from @brother_rooster

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