Review – The Wrong Earth: Night & Day #2 (Ahoy Comics)

Publisher: Ahoy Comics
Creative Teams:
The Wrong Earth – Tom Peyer, Jamal Igle, Juan Castro, Andy Troy, Rob Steen
Not Required Reading: The Vaccines of Tomorrow… Today – Matt Brady, Joe Orsak
The Last Will and Testament of Fluffy The Cat – John Picarra
Notes on the Successful Completion of a Homunculus – Mark Russell, Alan Robinson
Release Date: 3rd February 2021

So here we are again with the next thrilling instalment of Wrong Earth, as Dragonfly and Dragonflyman unite to save both their worlds from the tidal wave of pollution that is being poured into their worlds through the mysterious dimensional portals known as The Mirrors.

I’m having a lot of fun with this series. As I mentioned in my last review, this is the superhero story from both ends of the spectrum. Firstly we have Dragonflyman, the campy, gadget driven here from a world of impossible cartoon physics who will not kill under any circumstances. Secondly we have The Dragonfly, the hero from a brutal world where bullets will kill you, where brutality, mayhem and murder can only be met in kind.

This issue spends a lot of time focused on just our heroes, feeling each other out and attempting to escape a death trap set in motion by the mastermind known as Number One. What I really liked about this chapter is that it shows just how clearly The Dragonfly envies his rather naïve counterpart and the advantages his world afford him. If the same rules applied to The Dragonfly’s world would he have gone down the same route? Would the need to be judge, jury and executioner exist?

It’s also obvious that The Dragonfly is far more passionate about what he does, and about life in general. As he says in this issue to Dragonflyman “you’re weirdly cold”. I think this stems from the fact that for Dragonflyman, the stakes are never as high, the very existence of the “randomiser” gadget in the Dragon Wagon which means there’s always exactly the right tool to escape danger, is like entering the cheat codes on a video game.

I’m not going to lie, I’m rooting for The Dragonfly. At some point (if we follow the standard superhero multiverse recipe) there is inevitably going to be some grand sacrifice, where one of them has to “stay behind”, and I’m really hoping it’s Dragonflyman because honestly, even I want to punch his smug sanctimonious face right now.

The Wrong Earth is fun, it’s got some depth to it, the artwork is great, and I’m really looking forward to seeing where we get taken next month.

Rating: 3.5/5.


The writer of this piece was: Mark Scott
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