AfterShock Comics launch new YA imprint Seismic Press, announce debut title Rainbow Bridge

AfterShock Comics have today announced the launch of SEISMIC PRESS, a brand new imprint focused on developing new content for readers 12-18 age range.  The first offering under the new imprint will be RAINBOW BRIDGE from creators Steve Orlando and Steve Foxe and illustrator Valentina Brancati, set for release this coming August.

Speaking about the announcement Aftershock Editor-in-Chief Mike Marts said “AfterShock’s mission has always been to push readers out of their comfort zones and defy expectations – providing top creators and up-and-coming storytellers with an opportunity to tell the stories they’ve always wanted to tell in the ways they’ve always wanted to tell them,”

He continued, adding “With SEISMIC PRESS, our mission is to apply the same high-quality approach to content, talent selection and presentation but extend it to a much wider audience and demographic.”

RAINBOW RIDGE is slated for debut in late summer and will focus on the story of Andy, a boy whose canine best friend passes away just before he enters high school, leaving him alone and rudderless. The day before school starts, when Andy is at his lowest, he visits Rocket’s grave and unexpectedly summons the Rainbow Bridge, a gateway to a wondrous world where pets discover their afterlife. With roles reversed, Andy is there to support his childhood guardian during one last epic adventure as Rocket embarks on a fantasy quest to find his lost littermate while ultimately giving Andy the confidence he needs as he enters his high school years.

Additional titles under the SEISMIC PRESS imprint will begin rolling forth at the start of 2022 and will include original works by How To Train Your Dragon’s Richard Ashley Hamilton and Ted Anderson (ORPHAN AGE).

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