Geeking Out – Wardens of the Woods Kickstarter

There’s always more fun to find in The Woods, and this brand new Kickstarter is no exception.

Following hot on the heels of their previous campaign, Oakbound are looking to extend their range in a big way. This time round it’s the turn of the fae to get some reinforcements and, having seen these pics and gotten a chance to get my hands on a couple, fans of both The Woods and Wood Elves more broadly will not be disappointed.

So who or what are these figures?

The setting of Talamhlar is home to a wide range of creatures, some of the most powerful of these being the fae. Having guided, or perhaps more appropriately, manipulated the development of the tribes and clans of the Tuatha (humans) for an age, the nobles of Annwyn have retreated to their realms. Having accepted the inherent uncontrollable nature of men and women, it appears they have cut their losses. Not all have gone, however. Some fae were cursed to stay behind and guard the paths and gateways of the world as well as prevent any unwanted incursions into the realms of Annwyn.

It is these feral warriors that are the focus of the campaign and Oakbound’s characteristic old school flair is evident in all these figures. If you’re looking for additional figures to supplement your Woods projects this will be a no brainer. Where I think these bring a wider appeal though is that they’re perfectly suited for classic Wood Elf or Sylvan Elf armies and roleplaying figures. Those Old and Middlehammer types looking to flesh out forces with new figures will no doubt enjoy the nods to the likes of Jes Goodwin’s classics here.

So what about the campaign itself? What would I be pledging for?

Well the good news first is that the core set here is already mastered and just needs set for production moulds. Oakbound have a good track record of previous campaigns and the fact that these are essentially good to go is a big plus, reducing risk.

To keep things simple there are two pledge levels here, ‘Woodwalker’ and ‘Master of the Woods’. The Woodwalker pledge will net you ten walkers, chosen from three sets, containing eight warriors, a champion, and a totem-bearer. The Master getting you one of each set for a total of thirty figures. As with most Kickstarters, there is also the ability to add on extras should you wish.

A look at some actual figures.

Whilst there’s plenty of painted offerings to whet the appetite over on the Kickstarter page, I got the chance to look at two sculpts a bit more closely here. The sculpting style is what I’ve come to expect from Oakbound and is full of characterful charm. These aren’t your modern digital sculpted multi-piece plastic models, but one-piece figures with a bit of heft to them. Whilst they are restricted somewhat in dynamic pose because they are one-piece castings, there are details and elements which are leveraged in spite of this. This is particularly apparent on the totem bearer with the turned pose and thurible. Castings are clean and crisp, and other than some tidying that one would expect from metal flash, these look straight forward to clean, prep, paint and get gaming.

[Click to Enlarge]

Stylistically, they’re quite slight with large heads but other than the ‘biology’ aspects, the rest of the aesthetic fits in well with ideas of darker age fae – the campaign kindly shows a scale comparison with other noted ranges. The chain mail legging is perhaps the fanciest of bits on display here and I am looking forward to putting a band of these together.

And if all this chatter about wood elves weren’t enough, there’s also a stretch goal which, if you are anything like me, will definitely grab your attention. Think wood elves or sylvan fae and you can’t help but also conjure up images or wood land spirits and dare I say, tree folk? Well here we have a new sculpt by Alessio Cisbani which looks the business. This multi-part metal figure, whilst having the option to look more traditionally tree like, also has a superb antlered skull head! Fancy some dark and terrible woodland monster for your warbands or roleplaying games? I know I do. And just to add some more fuel, there are whispers of camouflaged warriors armed with ranged weapons lurking nearby. If things go well, might we also catch a glimpse at these way walkers?

The campaign is live until the 17th of April (CLICK HERE) – are you planning on picking any of  these up?

The writer of this piece was: Adam Brown
Adam Tweets from @brother_rooster

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