Official Prequel Comic for Masters of the Universe: Revelation Netflix Series coming to Dark Horse

Main issue #1 cover by Stjepan Sejic

Dark Horse Comics have today announced that they will be publishing, in association with Mattel, Inc., the official prequel comic for the upcoming Masters of the Universe: Revelation Netflix series.

In the comic book, following a vicious Orlax attack on his father King Randor, He-Man learns the creature is linked to the origin of the sword of power. To save Randor and put an end to the chaos, He-Man embarks on an epic journey that pits him against his longtime foes Skeletor and Evil-Lyn, and sees Teela take the reins of a powerful legacy.

The story arc for the new comics was conceived by the show’s executive producers Kevin Smith and Rob David (who also served as the creative director and a writer of DC Comics’ Masters of the Universe releases from 2012 – 2020), as well as show writer Tim Sheridan.

Mindy Lee will provide art and color for the four-part series, with Stjepan Sejic providing cover art for issue #1 and Dave Wilkins providing cover art for issues #2-#4.  Fans will also be able to pick up an issue one variant from none other than Mike Mignola and Dave Stewart

Speaking abotu the announcement, David said “When the Masters of the Universe franchise first launched nearly 40 years ago, each action figure came with a comic book to enable children to further explore the world of Eternia. Now, in partnership with Dark Horse, we will go back to our roots to set-up the upcoming “Masters of the Universe: Revelation,” television series with a world-shattering comic book tale.”

The first installment of four for the “Masters of the Universe: Revelation” will be released July 7, 2021. Additional comic books will be released on August 11, September 9, and October 13, 2021.

Main issue #1 cover by Mike Mignola and Dave Stewart

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