Geeking Out Review – Marvel Legends Series Thanos

Thanos is such an iconic character, and for so long have fans been begging for a proper action figure of him (not an MCU-inspired build a figure that costs nearly 8 times the price of this figure) and, spoiler alert, Hasbro’s Marvel Legends Series has been more than worth the wait.

The Mad Titan is definitely done justice in this new release. He is coloured in a rich blue and beautiful gold that makes him seem like he jumped off the page (or is using the reality stone to make you think he is?) and is ready to wipe out half the universe.

He also has some stellar articulation, including highlights like: double knees, foot forward and back, ankle tilt, a good amount of down and up at the head, some incredibly dynamic wrists, and an outstanding ab crunch and back tilt. A bit of shoulder butterfly would’ve been nice, and the elbows are a bit disappointing, but overall he has well above average articulation.

The accessories also add to the dynamic nature of this figure.

Included with this figure are: two heads, one of his iconic comic helmet and a tyrannical laugh, and the other of his “King Thanos”head with a sinister grin, long grey beard and an amazing crown; for other accessories, he gets two alternative hands, both with the Infinity Gauntlet, one outstretched and the other of him snapping his fingers.

I particularly liked the alternative hands because they give options for other figures (Nebula, etc.) to wield the Infinity Gauntlet too.

Overall, this figure is dynamic, posable, solid and he looks fabulous. He more than lives up to his £34.99/$29.99 price tag.

He’s a real treat, and a necessary figure in any fan’s collection

The Marvel Legends Series Thanos is available to order now from the Hasbro Pulse online store (CLICK HERE).

The writer of this piece was: BrickBuiltDengar

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