Geeking Out Review – Studio Series ’86 Voyager Class Transformers: The Movie Hot Rod

Hasbro’s Studio Series ’86 Voyager Transformers: The Movie Hot Rod is a fun, good looking figure who is perfectly translated from the big screen.

In the last six years, fans have received no less than four Hot Rod figures in Generations and countless in TV-focused lines, so is this a necessary update to the slew of Hot Rod figures we’ve gotten recently?

Let’s find out:

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The Studio Series ’86 is definitely a controversial line to say the least, but I do think this was the perfect way to deliver an authentic Hot Rod without filling it with gimmicks

Hot Rod is an excellent display piece and looks great, from the flame decal on the chest to the giant spoiler on his back. The backpack is minimal and is smaller than the Masterpiece’s. The straight face is a bit generic, a smug smile may have been better.

The articulation is a bit above average with highlights being: forward butterfly, well over 90° elbows and knees, forward and back at the toes, and opening fingers to fit the Matrix.

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The transformation is great fun with everything opening and turning, but the FO (fake) chest is slightly annoying.

The front of the car is the highlight of the conversion. The vehicle mode is also a perfect recreation of the CGI model, but the pipes have a bit of trouble tab-ing in, and it would’ve been nice to have some accessory storage.

The main figure is sold at the Studio Series Voyager price point (£32.99/$29.99, CLICK HERE), but is little taller than a modern deluxe.

To make up for this, the figure includes lots of film-inspired accessories that greatly enhance the ‘play and display’ value of the figure.

These include: the Autobot Matrix of Leadership and a blast effects for it; the rotary saw that he used to defeat the octopus that attacked Kup, and a welding tool to fix Kup; two different blasters – I like how these are different, it’s a nice attention to detail; blast effects that represent flames coming out of his exhaust in vehicle mode, blasts for his blasters and blasts for his robot mode pipes, compete with his robot mode visor for firing at Decepticons.

All in all, the accessories are a wonderful addition to this already great figure.

This figure will definitely appeal to any transformers fan or anyone who grew up with the movie, there are so many ways to display him. A good price and a perfect pick up!

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The Transformers Studio Series 86 Voyager The Transformers: The Movie Autobot Hot Rod is currently sold out at the official Hasbro Pulse Online store (CLICK HERE), but should be available at a variety of other online retailers.

The writer of this piece was: BrickBuiltDengar

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