LEGO Review – Star Wars: The Child

It’s safe to say that the Child (aka Grogu, aka Baby Yoda) has consumed the world since he was first introduced in 2019. But does LEGO Star Wars 75318 The Child do this beloved character justice? Well, it’s May the fourth today, so this seems like the perfect time to find out!

This model is amazing. His clothing is perfectly built using a genius yet simple S.N.O.T. (studs not on top) technique. His sleeves are very clever, the hands are versatile, the fingers are posable and the wrists are very articulate. Oh, and before you ask, yes, the baby can do the magic thingy.

The head is incredible too. It’s well rounded and features a ton of articulation: from his soft brown eyes; the up and down, side to side motion of the head; the incredibly expressive opening mouth; and his up and down ears; this figure can pull off some truly adorable poses.

He comes with the Razor Crest gearshift knob which he can hold and it suits him well. Baby Yoda also comes with a minifig-scale version of him and black display plaque with details on the character.

I love this figure. He is adorable no matter how you pose him. He’s also a good size (21cm-13cm-19cm), so pretty much screen accurate, and delivers an all-round perfect representation of this character.

He’s definitely a good pickup for his price (£69.99/$79.99, CLICK HERE).

The writer of this piece was: BrickBuiltDengar

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