These Dune: Sandworm Bookends bring the sands of Arrakis to your bookshelf

Dark Horse Direct have just dropped the details, including pre-order information, for these fantastic Dune: Sandworm Bookends!

Produced in partnership with Legendary Entertainment, these limited edition incredibly detailed bad boys measure 8.5” tall by 8” wide by 6.5” deep, and are expected to ship between December 2021 and March 2022.

Based on Denis Villeneuve’s design from the upcoming Dune movie, the bookends feature the fearsome sandworms erupting out of the sands, and in spite of their fairly hefty price tag, should probably be considered an essential purchase for die-hard fans of the Frank Herbert classic.

More details, including pre-order info, can be found below:


  • Edition Size: 2000
  • Expected to Ship to Customers: December 2021 – March 2022*
  • Materials: Polyresin
  • Prototyping & Paint: J.W. Productions
  • Sculptor: Bigshot Toyworks
  • Order Limits: 2 per Customer
  • Product Packaging Size: 19.5” (495.3 mm) x 11.7” (297.18 mm) x 11” (297.4 mm)
  • Product + Packaging Dimensional Weight: 19lbs.
  • Pre-order now from

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