Diamond Announces Top Selling Products from July 2021

Diamond Comic Distributors have revealed their best sellers from July 2021, with the first issue of Gerry Duggan and Pepe Larraz’s X-Men #1 from Marvel Comics taking the top slot for the month.

Marvel locked down eight of the top ten slots on the comic book list, with Image Comics taking the other two spaces. M.O.M.: Mother of Madness #1, an over-the-top superhero comedy from Game of Thrones superstar Emilia Clarke, cowriter Marguerite Bennett, and artist Leila Leiz clocked in number five, and Robert Kirkman’s anthology comic Skybound X #1 ranked number six.

On the Graphic Novel side of things, Marvel and Image continued to dominate the Top 10, with Marvel Comics’ Star Wars: The Old Republic Omnibus Volume 1, collecting the Dark Horse Comics series Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic by John Jackson Miller and Brian Ching, being announced as July’s best-selling graphic novel.

From Image Comics, Fire Power by Kirkman & Samnee continued its impressive commercial performance, with the third arc of Robert Kirkman and Chris Samnee’s martial arts series taking the #2 spot on the GN list.

You can feast your eyes on the top 10 lists in both category below, and find out more information over at the website.

How does Diamond calculate the charts? It all starts at the comic book shop.

Data for Diamond’s sales charts are compiled by Diamond Comic Distributors from sales made to thousands of comic book specialty shops located in North America and around the world. Additional sales made to online merchants and other specialty retailers may be included as well.

Ranking is calculated based upon orders for comic books, graphic novels, toys and games invoiced and shipped to Diamond customers during any given month, which comprises pre-orders, advance reorders, and reorders, minus any products that are received back from a title marked as returnable. Please note that products marked with an asterisk (*) have had their reported quantities reduced due to retailer returnability, and thus may rank lower on the charts than their actual sales would reflect.

Variant edition comic books and graphic novels at the same price point count as a single SKU. Variant edition comic books, lenticular covers, digital combo packs, and graphic novels at different price points count as separate SKUs for each edition.

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