AfterShock’s Dark Red returns with WHERE ROADS LEAD one-shock this January

Main cover by Corin Howell

This January, Tim Seeley and Corin Howell’s Dark Red is getting set to return with DARK RED: WHERE ROADS LEAD, a 48-page “one-shock” that continues the storyline of the popular vampires-in-the-heartland series from AfterShock Comics.

Here’s the official blurb:

Following the events surrounding the defeat of the Order of the Eventide, blue-collar vampire Chip tries to return to his life of quiet, rural isolation. But soon he has to ditch his late-night convenience store shift to travel across the country to New Orleans to visit a dying veteran. What starts as a trip of noble intent becomes a quest through a hell of wars to retrieve a stolen soul and escape an old enemy.

For those unfamiliar with Dark Red, Seeley himself sums it up as “the story of a bitter rural vampire who works at an all-night convenience store, trying to navigate a world that has left him behind.”  Pretty cool, right?

“We’ve crafted a perfectly self-contained story that widens the scope of our universe, but is totally accessible for new readers”, added Seeley.

With a $6.99 cover price and featuring lettering by Carlos Mangual, DARK RED: WHERE ROADS LEAD hits shelves and digital platforms on the 12th of January 2022, and you can feast your eyes on some preview artwork – and the incentive variant cover from Andy Clarke and Jose Villarrubia – below.


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