Geeking Out – HeroQuest Returns!

Now this is the time of the year when we start thinking about what to recommend you get your pet nerd, big or small, for Christmas. And whilst we’re not quite there yet, I just want to flag up the unadulterated retro geeky glory that is Heroquest (RRP £99.99), which releases 15th January.

This reissue of the classic 80s Dungeon Crawler boardgame is sure to set pulses racing, and not just with nostalgia – it still stands up as a great example of the genre, and whilst some aspects may feel dated to the more interactive or narrative elements of the likes of Gloomhaven, Descent or Shadows of Brimstone, it remains an absolute treat for the whole family.

Available now for pre-order from Hasbro Pules (and of course your FLGS), check out the blurb below!

HeroQuest Game System Tabletop Board Game

UK SRP Price – £99.99

In the HeroQuest dungeon crawl board game, heroes work together to complete epic quests, find treasures and defeat the forces of evil. This semi-cooperative board game has one player taking on the role of Zargon, the Game Master, while 4 mythical heroes–Barbarian, Dwarf, Elf, and Wizard–team up in their quest for adventure in a maze of monsters and eerie dark dungeons.

Players can immerse themselves in the fantasy with the stunning artwork, and 65+ detailed miniatures. The game comes with 14 quests and has limitless replayability because players can also build their own quests and create their own stories. Gather friends together for an exciting night of tabletop gameplay in an epic battle of good and evil.

The game is for 2-5 players, ages 14 and up. Available on shelves 15/01/2022.


Plus, of course, we need to do the winner of our last contest, don’t we? And the winner of Mad Titan’s Shadow is…

David Albertson

Congratulations! Get in touch (within 30 days) to receive your prize!

Till next time,
Geek, out!

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1 Comment on Geeking Out – HeroQuest Returns!

  1. Remember having Hero Quest back in the day. It was a brilliant game, may have to treat myself to this anniversary edition! :)

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