Geeking Out – 7 Wonders and 3 Giveaways!

Well, the draw for our Giant Geeky Giveaway is done and many thanks to you all for your many entries!

Thanks also to our sponsors, Asmodee UK, Mantic Games, Hasbro UK, Gibson’s Games & Puzzles, Da Scrapyard Ork, Rise From Resin, Top-Hatted Hamster, Brutal Cities and Mighty Lancer Games!

Next year you can expect more board game coverage, more supers gaming… and, of course, more Giveaways!

In terms of board game coverage, as well as our stock-in-trade of IP-based content, we’ll be looking at more family fun – such as the excellent 7 Wonders: Architects from Repos Production (available from all good stockists, and thanks as always to Asmodee UK for the review copy!)

In this all ages game for 2-7 players, you race to build one of the 7 wonders of the ancient world, whilst developing science, military might and of course, Cats.

The game is asymmetric, so everyone has a slightly different style of play and challenge: the Pyramid of Giza, for example is worth the most points as you build, but gives you no extra bonuses as you do so, whereas the Colossus of Rhodes adds to your military defence, the Hanging Gardens of Babylon develop science, and so on.

It’s a deep and absorbing game, but fun and light (and quick) enough to play with the kids or the grandparents and everyone in between. It does away with the sometimes tedious, frustrating and random elements of 7 Wonders gameplay for a fast, streamlined experience. With Cats.

We managed 5 games in two hours, and that included unboxing and learning to play. Even the (game-phobic) wife had a shot!

So a strong recommendation for your family game nights in 2022.


Anyway, without further ado, our Giant Geeky Giveaway winners are…

Bundle 1: robjonesletteringblog
Bundle 2: Colin Mackie
Bundle 3: talonswordfoundry

Well done to all our winners! Contact within 30 days to claim your prize!

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