Jim Starlin and Nikkol Jelenic bring MIDNIGHT ROSE, a tale of loneliness, love and vengeance, to AfterShock

This April, Thanos creator Jim Starlin and artist Nikkol Jelenic are collaborating at AfterShock Comics on MIDNIGHT ROSE, a 64-page “One Shock” which promises to deliver “a particularly bizarre tale of loneliness, love and what happens when you can’t help but give in to the vengeance growing deep within yourself.”

Starlin and Jelenic will be joined by Colourist DC Alonso and letterer Dave Sharpe on the release, which Starlin describes as being “about living an alternative life and the ramification of such a hand being dealt to you. But out of the ashes of misery and hardship, sometimes a grand legacy buds.”

Speaking about the story, Starlin added “The bonding of women with flowers has usually been a benign tale, with some exceptions such as Poison Ivy.  I wanted to take that union to a real horror level.  Thus, Midnight Rose.”

Also, in typical Starlin form, he didn’t miss the opportunity to deliver a little jab at his former employer while praising AfterShock, adding that he enjoyed “the freedom of doing what I want with a story without having to lie to the editor. I also know Joe (the editor) won’t sabotage the tale, as happened with my last work for Marvel.”

Jelenic also shared her excitement about Midnight Rose, adding “This book is great for readers that enjoy a character driven storyline. Jim wrote Rose beautifully from a discarded seed with great hardships that decided to control her own destiny and grow into a flower instead of a weed.  I feel the concept – a homicidal flower enthusiast searching for a purpose when being born into and constantly thrown into a half full glass – is super entertaining from a horror lover to fans of the genre.”

Featuring a cover from Jelenic and an incentive variant from Starlin himself, MIDNIGHT ROSE goes on sale in print and digital formats on the 13th of April 2022.

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