AfterShock to publish supernatural high school mystery ‘The Ocean Will Take Us’ this April

This April, BCP favourite Rich Douek is teaming up with artist Carlos Olivares on THE OCEAN WILL TAKE US, a tale of horror and intrigue, where a group of high school outcasts band together to fight a growing evil in their school and town.

Here’s the official blurb:

Something’s lurking in the waters of Almanzar Bay – and when Casey March tries out for the swim team, he learns firsthand that messing with the social order of his new high school can have dangerous – even deadly – consequences!

As part of the announcement, Douek summed up the series, describing it as “a supernatural/conspiracy mystery set in one of the most horrifying places on earth – high school! A gang of misfits in the ocean town of Almanzar learn that the local swim team is involved with what they think are performance-enhancing drugs – but in the quest to expose the team, our gang uncovers a conspiracy that threatens everyone they love, and maybe the entire world.”

He also spoke a little about the influences behind it, adding “One big one was your classic 80s teen movies, like The Breakfast Club or The Karate Kid, and others are more recent teenage dramas like Buffy or Riverdale. I thought it would be really fun to take a group of teenage misfits dealing with all the drama of being in high school and throw them into a situation where the stakes are higher than they could ever have imagined.”

Douek has cemented his position as one of our better-reviewed writers of the last few years, due in no small part to his stellar work on Road of Bones and Sea of Sorrows, both with IDW Publishing, so see him teaming up with Olivares – along with colourist Manuel Puppo and letterer Dave Sharpe – on this new series is already filling us with excitement.

Featuring a regular cover by Olivares and an incentive variant from Hayden Sherman, THE OCEAN WILL TAKE US #1 hits shelves and digital platforms on 6th April 2022.


Variant cover by Hayden Sherman

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