Brutal Gangster Revenge Story ‘Dogs of London’ coming to AfterShock Comics This May

Main cover by Andy Clarke w/ Jose Villarrubia

AfterShock Comics have just announced details of their upcoming gangster revenge story DOGS OF LONDON, a brand new series from writer Peter Milligan and artist Artceida, on sale this coming May.

Here’s the official blurb:

How deep must you bury a body to make sure it doesn’t haunt you?

Frank and Terry are about to find out. They were once members of The Dogs, a feared gang who ruled much of London’s underworld back in the swinging 60s. They thought they’d escaped their troubled pasts, but the past isn’t dead – it’s just bashed about a bit and very pissed off. Spanning different times and classes, DOGS OF LONDON is a brutal, bloody tale of violence, love, revenge…and sleeping dogs who refuse to roll over and play dead.

Written by Peter Milligan and brought to bloody life by Artecida, the Dogs have awoken, and they seek more than mere revenge.

Speaking about the series, Milligan said “DOGS OF LONDON is on one hand a brutal SF Gangster story about revenge, class and the changing face of crime and society – on the other it’s a story about trying to escape from the intractable bonds of your destiny.”

He continued, adding “My first series in America was SKREEMER, a story that used a weird gangster tale to explore a kind of American experience – so I’m really excited to be telling, now, a very different kind of gangster story, one that explores a very British experience but also dramatizes universal themes of love, revenge, violence, and fate. And dog-bites. Sorry, did I say dog-bites?”

Featuring colours by Valentina Bianconi, lettering by Rob Steen, a main cover by Andy Clarke and Jose Villarrubia, and an Incentive Variant from Dave Johnson, DOGS OF LONDON #1 hits shelves and digital platforms on 4th May 2022.


Variant cover by Dave Johnson

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