John Wick meets A Beautiful Mind in AfterShock’s ‘A Calculated Man’

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This June, writer Paul Tobin returns to AfterShock Comics for his third title alongside artist Alberto Alburquerque for A CALCULATED MAN, a brand new character-focused crime drama about a gifted accountant who decides to put his particular set of (mathematical) skills to good use to wipe out the crime family who is hunting him down.

Here’s the official blurb:

A verifiable math genius, Jack Beans used to run the numbers for the Pinafore crime family, until one day he ran them too well and concluded that the only way out of this life was in a casket or Witness Protection. So, he turned state’s evidence and ran.

Now, the Pinafores are out to end their favorite accountant. Little do they know that Jack’s skills with math and his perfect memory have made him a better killer than they ever could have realized. What follows is a journey full of murder, mayhem and mathematics.

Writer Paul Tobin (BUNNY MASK, MY DATE WITH MONSTERS) and artist Alberto Alburquerque (The Amazing Spider-Man, Savage Sword) unleash a master of math on a mission to eliminate a criminal empire for good.

Speaking about the announcement, Tobin said “It’s John Wick mixed with A Beautiful Mind when ex-mobster / math genius Jack Beans decides three years in the witness protection program is more than enough, and that all he needs to do to safely return to his old life is…kill every last member of the Pinafore crime family.”

He continued, adding “It’s a tall order, but Jack Beans is no ordinary man. First, he’s GOOD at math. Not just “What’s the square root of nine?” good, but “prove the existence of three differently-sized infinites by use of the Continuum Hypothesis” good. He literally sees the world as a math problem, and was born with synesthesia: he sees numbers as colors, and his memory is absolute. It’s these skills Jack will have to use to make his hopes of staying alive add up to anything other than zero!”

Featuring a main cover by Alberto Albuquerque and an Incentive Variant by Andrea Mutti, A CALCULATED MAN #1 hits comic shops and digital platforms on the 15th of June 2022.


The writer of this piece was: Craig Neilson-Adams (aka Ceej)
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