Masters of the Universe Battleground, a new Tabletop Miniature Game from Archon Studio

Hot on the heels of their recently funded strategy board game Masters of the Universe: Fields of Eternia, Polish gaming company Archon Studio are returning to the world of the classic Mattel property with Masters of the Universe: Battleground, a skirmish-based miniature game set for release later this month!

The game, which is available to pre-order now (CLICK HERE) ahead of its April 26th release date, is available in select European countries only due to the always-complicated licensing agreement with Mattel.

It sounds like a ton of fun though, so let’s go over the basic rules with a summary courtesy of Archon themselves, shall we?


Masters of the Universe: Battleground is a card-driven game where you prepare your force before the battle. Every item, spell, weapon, and character has a value point. Once you have spent 100 points, your force is ready to deploy. Sounds simple, right?

Each turn, you and your opponent will activate models using special ‘Fate Cards’ drawn from your own unique fate decks.

These cards grant your models’ action points and mana points to spend when they become activated in the game. You can choose to move, attack, focus, or prepare to be on overwatch. With a few extra mana points at your disposal, you can also activate special skills that are associated with your characters and their equipment. Spend these points wisely and learn how to manage them, as they will let you do the most heroic actions.

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Some fate cards will provide higher initiative, while others will give you extra bonuses and abilities for your activated models. It is up to you how you wish to play your fate deck.

By using various weapons, trinkets, and spells, you will attack enemy characters to knock them out and gain victory points. A knocked-out character may mean fewer models in the battle for you, but as a consequence, it’ll mean more fate cards for you to use per model left on the table. The battle will last until the very end!

You win by collecting more victory points than your opponent, or by knocking out all of their characters. You’ve got four rounds to perform at your best. Prove it!


One thing that really helped to sell Archon’s previous MOTU release was the high quality of the miniatures, and by the looks of it, Battleground is picking right up where Fields of Eternia left off in that respect.

The Starter Set comes with ten 32 mm scale miniatures, alongside a ton of plastic terrain accessories which represent the ruins of Grayskull and which play into the tactical aspect of the game.


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The models come on plastic sprues, and – in an encouraging development – are being manufactures in Poland using Archon’s HIPS technology, which should hopefully reduce the risk of the same manufacturing delay that has plagued Fields of Eternia’s China-produced models.

The selection of miniatures is pretty much what you’d expect, although I’d probably have swapped out Ram-Man for Teela to give Evil-Lyn a female adversary to go up against.  Also, with the extensive range of FoE miniatures also being produced in the 32mm scale, there’s a definite opportunity for some cross-pollination of models, even if the games themselves aren’t going to be compatible at all.


The Two-Player Starter Set, retailing at $99.99, contains the following:

1x Game board
1x Rule book
1x Battleground book
10x Dice
2x Rulers
40x terrain accessories
227x cards
108x assorted tokens

1x He-Man™ Miniature
1x Man-At-Arms™ Miniature
1x Stratos™ Miniature
1x Orko™ Miniature
1x Ram Man™ Miniature
1x Skeletor™ Miniature
1x Evil-Lyn™ Miniature
1x Trap Jaw™ Miniature
1x Mer-Man™ Miniature
1x Tri-Klops™ Miniature

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Visit the official website (CLICK HERE) and sign up for their newsletter to get 10% pre-order discount code!

The English Language version will be shipped on 26th of April 2022.

NOTE: As mentioned above, the game is only available in the following countries: United Kingdom, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Netherlands, Denmark, Czech Republic, Poland, Austria, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Belgium, Luxemburg, Greece, Hungary, Slovakia and Iceland.


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