Marvel Announces Two New Star Wars: High Republic Series to Kick Off Phase II

Yesterday at Star Wars Celebration Anaheim, Marvel announced details of Phase II of Star Wars: The High Republic with an all-new era of interconnected stories told across novels, children’s books, and of course, comics.

Set 150 years before Phase 1, Phase II will center around Jedha, a planet rich in its connection to the Force and the focus of every major faith in the galaxy.

Headlining the comic book portion of the phase is a new ongoing STAR WARS: THE HIGH REPUBLIC series, which will see writer Cavan Scott and artist Ario Anindito reunite after their well-received run on volume 1. The new series, which premiers this October, will introduce Jedi Vildar Mac, who arrives as Jedha’s fragile peace begins to crumble and a nameless terror arrives.

Additionally, writer Charles Soule will team up with artist Marco Castiello for STAR WARS: THE HIGH REPUBLIC – THE BLADE, a four-part limited series which will explore the mysterious backstory of Porter Engle, the Jedi-turned-cook also known as the Blade of Bardotta.  The first issue hits shelves and digital platforms this November.

Keep your eyes peeled for more details of Marvel’s High Republic Phase II plans in the future.

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