Preview – Dark Spaces: Wildfire #1 (IDW Publishing)

On sale Wednesday 20th July from IDW Publishing


​​Dark Spaces: Wildfire #1

Scott Snyder (w) • Hayden Sherman (a) • Hayden Sherman (c)

Legendary writer Scott Snyder presents DARK SPACES, a thrilling new anthology series exploring our deepest fears of the unknown, beginning in the smoldering hills of California in DARK SPACES: WILDFIRE!

Six weeks into the slow burn of the historic Arroyo Fire, a crew of women from an inmate firefighting program are risking everything on the frontlines when their newest recruit—a white-collar convict with a deep network of shady dealers—discovers they’re mere miles from her crooked former associate’s mansion.

When she proposes a plan to abandon their duties and hunt for riches under cover of smoke and ash, the team must decide if they’re ready to jeopardize their one sure path back to normalcy for a shot at a score that would change their lives…

But is this a flicker of fortune or a deadly trap? Scott Snyder and breakout artist Hayden Sherman craft an unforgettable heist for a new age in DARK SPACES: WILDFIRE.

FC • 36 pages • $3.99

Dark Spaces: Wildfire #1—Cover B: Sorrentino
Dark Spaces: Wildfire #1—Cover C: Kangas
Dark Spaces: Wildfire #1—Cover D: Lotay
Dark Spaces: Wildfire #1—Cover E: Sketch cover

Advance Review of Issue OneCLICK HERE


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