Review – Star Trek: The Mirror War #8 (IDW Publishing)

Publisher: IDW Publishing
Writer(s): Scott & David Tipton
Artist: Gavin Smith
Colorist: Charlie Kirchoff
Release Date: 17th August 2022

Seemingly poised to show the I.S.S Enterprise and its blood-thirsty bridge crew attempt a suicidal charge at the formidably fortified Cardassia Prime, Scott and David Tipton’s script for issue eight of Star Trek: The Mirror War twists and turns like the deadly eel larvae Captain Terrell fatally encountered whilst exploring the wind-ravaged planet of Ceti Alpha V. Indeed, it’s rare to find such a wonderfully winding plot as the one penned by this book’s brothers as William T. Riker confounds all his doubters by not only besting the Stargazer’s former captain, but by also overthrowing Emperor Quinn in his very throne room within the space of a few panels; “Yes. I’m just now receiving word of some upset back at the palace.”

Of course, first and foremost of these shocks is just how quickly the one-time privateer overcomes Jean-Luc Picard to become the Galaxy-class starship’s new skipper. As the android Data himself notes later in this publication, the vessel’s bald, vicious leader had recently become so dangerously erratic that that someone somewhen was bound to attempt to murder him. However, Riker’s successful assassination takes place so early within the twenty-page periodical that its decisive swiftness is bound to take many readers by complete surprise.

Similarly as well-written though is how this comic’s sizeable cast outwardly rally around their commander to ensure his plans for interplanetary domination reach fruition with minimal fuss. Unlike under Picard’s fiery ‘my might is right’ regime, William provides his crew with plenty of lucrative opportunities to help buy their loyalty, such as Geordi La Forge being offered the administration of the ship-building sphere, Faundori, in return for his unwavering allegiance. Furthermore, Riker’s also not adverse to promoting potentially dangerous opponents into roles which are currently advantageous to him, or even risk the venomous wrath of an ever-jealous Deanna Troi by offering physical favours to the likes of Elizabeth Shelby.

Working hand-in-hand with so devious a tale of traitors and treacherous turncoats are artist Gavin Smith and colourist Charlie Kirchoff. This dynamic duo’s ability to present the destruction of the Klingon Empire’s main fleet is an absolute joy to behold, as is the way they manage to bring a distinct personality to so many of this comic’s considerable cast through facial expressions and body movements.


The writer of this piece was: Simon Moore
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