TV Review – Masters of the Universe 200X – Episode 08: “Siren’s Song”

Original Air Date: 18th October 2002
Writer: William Forrest Cluverius
Director: Gary Hartle

The latest episode of MYP’s 200X Masters of the Universe series opens with Skeletor’s minions making another ill-fated run on Castle Grayskull. As you might expect, He-Man and the Masters end up handling them fairly comfortably after a little back-and-forth fun, but it’s the fallout of the battle that proves the most notable development, with Man-at-Arms finally divulging the secrets of Grayskull to the rest of the Masters, delivering a significant shift in the status quo of the show moving forwards.

The episode also introduces the latest invention by Man-at-Arms, the “Kinetic Immobiliser”, which is a fun, if a slightly generic, MacGuffin.  It can apparently immobilise anyone, as you might expect, and as soon as he finds out about it, Skeletor decides he wants to get his hands on it.  And he knows just the way to do it.

The bulk of the episode is focused around the dumb-but-relentlessly-loyal Ram-Man being brainwashed by Evil-Lyn (in the form of a Siren, for some reason) into stealing the aforementioned MacGuffin for Skeletor.  When the Immobiliser disappears, the fingers of blame are pointed internally, particularly in the direction of newcomer Buzz-Off, and particularly by Ram-Man himself, who has no memory of his transgressions.

It’s a fun enough story with an expansive cast of characters, although it’s worth noting this is the second “Skeletor sows distrust between the Masters” storyline in the last four episodes, which is perhaps a bit much.  The conclusion is also little on the unsatisfying side, with an underwhelming attempt at a “twist” and a whimper of a finish with Ram-Man and Buzz-Off halfheartedly mending their bridges.

Nothing too much to write home about, but a solid filler episode that gives Ram-Man a rare opportunity in the spotlight. I’ll leave it to you to decide whether that’s a good thing or not.

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