‘Harrow County: The Game of Gothic Conflict’ board game currently funding on Kickstarter


Today saw the launch of the Kickstarter campaign for Harrow County: The Game of Gothic Conflict, an asymmetric 2-3 player board game from Off The Page Games, based on the Eisner-nominated Dark Horse comic book series. 

The game is designed by Jay Cormier and Shad Miller, and features a never-before-seen concept of a cube tower that’s built inside the game box. To resolve combat, players toss cubes into a hole in the top of the box and see what comes out of a hole in the front of the box.

Speaking about the launch, Cormier said “We take great pride and care in bringing the theme and story of Harrow County to life. We also ensure that the game stands on its own so newcomers to the story will have a good time as well.”

For those unfamiliar with the series (and first of all, you should remedy that as soon as humanly possible), here’s the story of Harrow County: Many years ago, the residents of Harrow County hung, burned and buried a witch named Hester under a tree. Years later a baby named Emmy was born out of that tree. As she grew, she became one of the protectors of Harrow County. Unfortunately, the family of Hester returned and wanted to destroy Harrow County!

Back to the game itself – t his is a 1 vs. 1 game at its heart with each player having different ways to play and different objectives. Not only that, but a third player can play the game in the role of Hester, the dead witch. The game is also launching with the Fair Folk Expansion which allows a fourth player to be added to the game for a truly unique experience.

The retail edition is priced at $65, and there will also be a Deluxe Edition and a high-end Satchel Edition which comes encased in a cardboard satchel, made to look like the one Emmy carries around – a pretty cool addition, in our book.

The campaign, which is already fully funded, will run until Friday October the 28th, and you can find more information about what’s available – as well as how to back it yourself – at the official campaign page (CLICK HERE).

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