Mondo to release 1/6 Scale Masters of the Universe Battle Cat figure

On Tuesday the 25th of October, Mondo are opening pre-orders for their Masters of the Universe – Battle Cat 1/6 Scale Figure.

Orders will only remain open for one week, and the 18″ long collectible, which is aiming to ship between the Spring and Summer of 2023, will be priced at $499.  In typical Mondo fashion, the level of detail provided – including interchangeable Cringer-style heads and a miniature Cringer figurine! – is nothing short of spectacular.

Here’s the official press release from Mondo, with some mouthwatering photos below.

We are officially ready to release (quite possibly) our biggest collectible to date: Masters of the Universe’s BATTLE CAT. We have been working on this figure for a long time now, making sure that we give collectors something that is truly special. This will be the first ever time that a 1/6 scale Battle Cat has been released and it is absolutely massive, at about 18 inches in length (basically the size of a house cat).

After releasing many Masters of the Universe figures throughout the years, Battle Cat feels like the culmination of it all, the biggest moment in this line.

The sheer magnitude of releasing a figure like this is not lost on us. An 18-inch-long, fully articulated Battle Cat … with swappable heads and completely removable armor!? Crazy! Well, yeah, it’s crazy. But sometimes it takes a little crazy to do something special, and we truly believe we have made one of the coolest Battle Cats of all time.

Once we decided to take this project on, we reached out to the guy who knows MOTU better than no other … Emiliano Santalucia. Emiliano ran with all our ideas and direction, turning in some beautiful concept art (as seen below).

Once we had an approved concept, we had to find a sculptor who would be up to the task of bringing this figure to life. So, of course, we turned to Matt Black for the initial sculpting and then Tommy Hodges to handle all the articulation, engineering and additional sculpting. You can see the final render below.

After sculpting was completed and 3D-printed, we turned to Mark Bristow to handle painting duties. We debuted the paint master at San Diego Comic Con 2022, this past summer, and it blew everyone one away. Once prototyped, we sent it over to Raul Barrero to work his magic with the photography. The results are stunning.

When we started this project one thing was clear: we had to honor the history of this amazing and iconic character. This figure not only pays homage to the amazing design of the original figure from the 80s, but also celebrates Battle Cat’s rich history.

This figure wouldn’t exist without the amazing work put into this character, over the decades. We are so excited to add to that history and bring you the biggest Battle Cat to date … the one we all imagined as kids, when we were playing with the original figure, leading him into battle against all the threatened Eternia. You have the Power!

Battle Cat (1/6 Scale Figure) – Mondo Exclusive. Concept by Emiliano Santalucia and Hector Arce. Sculpt by Tommy Hodges and Matthew Black. Paint by Mark Bristow.

Packaging Art by Florian Bertmer. Packaging Design by Gabe Chicoine. Photography by Raúl Barrero.

Timed edition, beginning at 12PM CT on 10/25 until 11/1. Limit two per customer. Expected to ship in Spring/Summer 2023. Ships to Most Locations Worldwide, shipping free in the United States. $499.


The writer of this piece was: Craig Neilson-Adams (aka Ceej)
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