The Beyonder reveals his twisted plan for the Marvel Universe in ‘Avengers Beyond’ this March

This March, Derek Landy and Greg Land’s Avengers saga is set to continue with AVENGERS BEYOND. This new five-part series sees the omnipotent orchestrator of the original Secret Wars returning with a vengeance and hatching his latest twisted scheme for the Marvel Universe.

“I am beyond excited to take everything we’ve done in All-Out Avengers and continue it into its next incarnation,” said Landy. “We’re just beginning to brush up against the wider implications of the Beyonder’s agenda and the chance to tell this kind of story — the story of gods, the one thing that scares them, and the Avengers caught in the middle — is an impossible dream come true for a kid who grew up with Secret Wars.”

Landy and Land’s ALL-OUT AVENGERS has been dropping readers into the middle of some of the Avengers’ most pulse-pounding missions to date with no time for explanation.  Earth’s Mightiest Heroes have realized something or someone has been influencing them for the past several months, altering the very fabric of reality in an attempt to prepare the planet for a threat that could destroy everything. Here, now, this unseen individual is to be dragged, kicking and screaming, from the shadows and into the light – and is revealed as the Beyonder!

The final issue of ALL-OUT AVENGERS goes on sale this January, followed by AVENGERS BEYOND #1 on the 29th of March.

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