Country Music and L.A. Crime collide in Stephan Franck’s PALOMINO – Vol 2 & 3 on Kickstarter now

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Back in 2020, nearly 700 Kickstarter backers supported Palomino – a neo-noir graphic novel from award-nominated animator, writer, and director Stephan Franck – on Kickstarter. And today, a brand new Kickstarter campaign is launching to fund volume 2 and 3 of the four-part series.

“Palomino follows the neo-noir, slice-of-life adventures of a man on thin ice,” said Franck. “Eddie Lang is a former Burbank PD detective, who’s a private investigator by day and a working musician by night. In the new volumes, Eddie dives deeper into the murder case of a former TV actress and quickly finds himself uncovering too many deadly truths.”

“Meanwhile, his old-soul teenage daughter Lisette just might be even more hard-boiled than her father. Lisette’s frustrated by her father’s refusal to reopen her mother’s cold case and she decides to begin her own investigation. What could possibly go wrong?”

Here’s the official blurb:

Set in Los Angeles in the year 1981, Palomino is perfect for fans of mysteries, hard boiled dialogue, music, lived-in slice-of-life, and Los Angeles’ weird and forgotten history. The American Century is running on fumes, but the end isn’t anywhere in sight. The cowboy is still America’s most central symbol—and from movies, to music, to the President himself, it all hails from Southern California.

Across LA, six nights a week, working musicians, TV actors, stuntmen, cops, hustlers, and broken souls all play their part in the cultural myth making. Most of them are just trying to survive—on the B-side of the City of Angels. This is Palomino — where Farrah Fawcett hair reigns supreme, where Ronald Reagan is beginning his first term as President, and where LA’s hottest music spot is North Hollywood’s historic Palomino Club.

Franck has worked with some of the most popular characters of all time—including Spider-Man and the Smurfs — and has contributed to classic contemporary animation projects, including Despicable Me, How to Train Your Dragon, The Iron Giant, and Marvel Studios’ What If…? as head of animation and director.

The Kickstarter Campaign (CLICK HERE) will run until 5th May 2023, and there are plenty of backer tiers to suit any wallet.

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