Scottish-based Quindrie Press launches Kickstarter for their 2023 Comic Collection

Next week, Edinburgh-based publisher Quindrie Press will be Kickstarting their latest comic book collection, featuring a promising assortment of up-and-coming Scottish creators telling stories spanning a variety of different genres.

When the Kickstarter goes live on May 10th 2023 (CLICK HERE to be notified on launch), each of the four 48-page books will be available to buy separately for £8, as a bundle for £30, or as a PDF bundle for just £15.

We’ll be bringing you a little more about each of the stories closer to the time, and possible even an advance review or two once the campaign goes live, but for the time being you can find out a little more about each of the books, and the creators involved, below.

Catharsis by Ell J Walker

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SYNOPSIS: Dimitri is an aspiring heavy metal musician with one small problem: he’s too shy to share any of his music. Well, okay, two problems: he’s shy and he has also accidentally summoned a demon made of his own anxieties, and it’s about to tell everyone all his deepest, darkest secrets.

Ell J Walker is an Edinburgh-based artist who originally washed up on the shores of Orkney. She likes drawing sad men, horses, guitars and folklore.

Find a Seat by Faye Stacey

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SYNOPSIS: It’s hard being dumped. It’s even harder when, on the way home from being dumped, you get on the wrong train. Some would say the hardest thing of all is being dumped, getting on the wrong train, then finding out that the train belongs to Death and they don’t plan on letting you leave.

Faye Stacey is a Glasgow-based designer and illustrator, who spends their time drawing creatures and comic books. They’ve coloured books for Mad Robot Comics, and created their own webcomic Sub Terra. When not drawing they are usually wrapped in a blanket playing video games.

Flesh & Flora by NORRIE

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SYNOPSIS: Gen is alone, with only their robot companion Hare and the creatures they tend to for company. When Gen and Hare discover a creature they’ve never seen before, Gen’s world – and even Gen themself – begins to fall apart.

NORRIE is a comics creator, illustrator and character designer from Scotland. He lives in Dundee, drinks coffee and watches the birds from his window. He has no complaints.

Witching Hour by Beth Fuller

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SYNOPSIS: Esio knows all the rules about travelling to the fae realm: stick to the path, don’t say your name, and don’t eat any offered food. She is determined to make it to the realm’s castle and ask for a wish from the mysterious being who lives there. Unfortunately for her, struggling stockbroker Ted has invited himself along for the dangerous journey.

Beth Fuller is an illustrator and concept artist from Dublin, Ireland. She’s considering putting down the stylus pen and heading off into the wilderness to live as a hermit, but likes hot showers and horror films just enough to keep her in civilisation. For now, anyway.

The writer of this piece was: Craig Neilson-Adams (aka Ceej)
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