GK’s Under the Influence: Suspicious Spider-Man

Not so much of a rumor but surely I’m not the only one who sees the pictures of Ravencroft leak from Amazing Spider-man and think it has shades of SHIELD to it. It makes me wonder if that is intentional, Perhaps even due to the spaghetti of contracts and franchises spread over all the studios maybe Sony is using what they have at their disposal and having a SHIELD in the flick without calling it that.

Peters parents pictured.

Peters parents pictured.

The sets, logos and even uniforms being examples. True you could say it’s just a logo and not a eagle but since when did prisons have ornate symbols embossed onto everything. Then there is the fact Peter became Spider-man in this incarnation because he was trying to find out what happened to his parents. In the comics obviously Mary and Richard Parker were SHIELD agents and that led to them being assassinated so obviously there would be merit to having SHIELD type stand ins in this story. Plus since we know Ravencroft will be in it then we know there is a Prison with super criminals so who catches them?… Can’t just be Spidey he’s barely broke in his Spidey tights at this point.

Ravencroft uniform.

Ravencroft uniform.

It’s no secret all the studios are trying to sew up their shared universes after the quajillion triddleyillion sqizzillion billion dollars Marvel has made. So showing some iteration of that even one that focuses on Spider-man based characters could squeeze extra juice out of the single property.

That’s all I got to say this week, A lot of words over something so trivial granted but just something I felt should be shared since it has been grating me.

SHIELD uniform.

SHIELD uniform.

Feel free to sound off on your opinion!

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