BCP Interview – Norm Breyfogle

norm_breyfogleRecently we managed to conduct an interview with legendary artist Norm Breyfogle.

Now it’s not like you should need to be reminded who Norm is; after all, he was responsible for giving us the artwork behind the origin of Ras Al Gul, had a hand in bringing Tim Drake to the DC Universe and has recently been doing stellar work on the digital-first ‘Batman Beyond’ which is printed in Batman Beyond Unlimited. It is easy to say Norm has been an important artist in developing Batman’s mythos.

During the exchange this is what Norm had to say;

Norm's recent cover on issue 16 of Batman Beyond Unlimited.Click to enlarge.

Norm’s recent cover on issue 16 of Batman Beyond Unlimited.
Click to enlarge.

Big Comic Page: You’ve most recently been working on the digital-first series Batman Beyond Unlimited for DC. From an artist’s perspective, are there any great differences between digital-first and printed comics?

Norm Breyfogle: Not a whole lot, no. The biggest design difference lay in the fact that each page had to be evenly divided in two so that each half would fit the digital format.

The biggest difference overall is that there is no royalty structure set up yet for digital comics work (a big disappointment).

BCP: Being an artist who has drawn both the Bruce Wayne and Terry McGinnis Batman, which one are you fondest of?

NB: The original, of course. Bruce Wayne is the “REAL” Batman, even in the Batman Beyond universe. With Bruce’s training, batcave, batgadgets, experience, fortune, etc., he’s the real force behind Terry.

BCP: What was your opinion on the recent death of Robin over in Batman Incorporated?

NB: Sorry; didn’t read it.

Norm's fantastic cover to Batman: Birth of a Demon.Click to enlarge.

Norm’s fantastic cover to Batman: Birth of a Demon.
Click to enlarge.

BCP: What would say your personal highlights are from your time on the main Batman titles?

NB: Too many to list in full, but here are some: working with Denny O’Neil, working with and befriending Alan Grant, creating a bunch of new iconic Batman villains, painting the graphic novel “Birth of the Demon” (the origin of Ras Al Ghul), and fulfilling my childhood dream of drawing Batman.

BCP: In a massive change of direction from the darker tone of Batman, you drew Archie for some time. How did you find that change of pace?

NB: Intriguing. I ended up enjoying it much more than I expected to, and it was a challenge to make a “talking heads” book visually/graphically interesting and exciting.

BCP: ‘Prime’ was another character you were strongly associated with, but like most of the characters from the Ultraverse hasn’t been seen since and this has been blamed on many things.  Do you think we will ever see him revived one day?

NB: I wish I knew. I’d love to draw him again one day.

Metaphysique #1 Artwork Click to enlarge.

Metaphysique #1 Artwork
Click to enlarge.

BCP: Which character or story from you prolific career have you been most proud of?

NB: My standard answer for that is my creator-owned, -written, -drawn “Metaphysique” (published by Malibu Comics’ Bravura imprint in 1994-’95), because it’s all mine.

BCP: Are there any characters or comics you wish to draw someday?

NB: Any and/or all. I just love the graphics storytelling format! Some I’d put at the top of my list might be Spider-Man, The Hulk, The Flash, Daredevil, and any characters with  magical/mystical powers.

BCP: Who are your main artistic influences?

NB: Far too many to name in total, but in comics some of my top influences are Neal Adams, Nick Cardy, Jim Aparo, Dick Giordano, Joe Kubert, Frank Miller, Curt Swan, Murphy Anderson, Bill Sienkiewicz, Bernie Wrightson, Gil Kane, Alex Nino, Jon Buscema, John Romita… basically, all the biggest American comics stars of the 1970’s and a few from later years.

BCP: And finally, do you have any work in the Pipeline you’d like to talk about?

NB: I just recently completed working on a TV commercial project which will be airing in the next month or two, but I signed an NDA (non-disclosure agreement) over it so I can’t talk about it. I’m presently penciling 48 new pages for the company “A First Salvo” (whom I worked with about 6 years ago), and then I’m taking the entire summer off for the first vacation I’ve had in years. Not sure yet what I’ll be doing after that.

And that’s all for now keep an eye out on our dedicated interviews page to see who we interview next and don’t forget you can find out before they are posted by subscribing us to your RSS feed. If you want to find out more about Norm and his work you can catch up on it at

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