A part of our ongoing effort to provide you with all the juicy comicbook related news we possibly can, we regularly conduct interviews with a wide assortment of people from all different aspects of the comic book scene.

So, rather than forcing you to trawl through the archives, you can find them all collected together here in one easy-to-digest page.

Who says we’re not good to you?

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Film, Television and Animation

Kickstarter Creators


  • Ben Applegate – Attack On Titan Anthology Editor.
  • Billy Kirkwood – Glasgow Comedian and presenter of the Stan Lee Awards at Kapow!
  • David LoPan – DJ, Musician and Horror Podcaster.
  • Eric Calderon – Transformers: Combiner Wars creator.
  • Greg Carpenter – Author of Sequart book “The British Invasion.
  • Mark Latham – Author and Gaming Industry legend.
  • Dr Nina Burrowes – Psychologist, creator of “The Courage to be Me”, a comic aimed at the victims of sexual abuse.

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