GK’s Under The Influence: Desert Island Comic Books

DICBThis week I’m keeping it short, punchy and highly derivative. You know the concept Imagine you are on a desert island and could have only three of a certain thing to take with you until you are discovered… Only this time it’s comics.

So from any time period which single character book would you choose, Team Book and story arc would you choose to read. And why?

If I had to give mine I would say;

Hawkeye #9Click to enlarge.

Hawkeye #9
Click to enlarge.

1) At the moment if I had to choose I would say Hawkguy, It’s always a safe bet when talking about which issues each month have been stellar and that’s before you consider that before Matt Fractions run well Hawkeye was kinda a bit of a joke, I mean he was the arrow guy that used to wear a dress yet here we are 11 issues in and each issue is as entertaining as the previous issue.

Justice League Europe #22Click to enlarge.

Justice League Europe #22
Click to enlarge.

2) Where as I chose a current book for number one, If I had to keep entertained for possibly weeks on a desert island I would go for any Justice League International era Justice League books preferably Justice League Europe. I love the schtick in them what else can I say.

Batman: No Mans  Land #1Click to enlarge.

Batman: No Mans Land #1
Click to enlarge.

3) OK both of those were picked for being humorous, so with that In mind I will pick something dark and gritty for my desert island story arc. The most obvious choice would be No Mans Land due to the shear number of issues that it lasted for (enough to pass the time at least) and there was so much that happened in it from showing you how each character in Gotham will compromise when there is essentially no law to milestone moments like Sarah Essen getting shot. Where as Knightfall had a lot of cheesey stuff in it dare I say telepathic spinal injury healing and Azrael Batman which is why inspite of being equally as long that wouldn’t make it to the island.

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GARYavGary Kane aka (GK)
Article: Under The Influence
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